The dream is over.....

This photo by Sarah Bury was taken in 2008. The logflume lies derelict, eight years after closure.


Those were the days.....

This photo was taken on 24th October 1987, on a trip that I organised for the cast of "Jack and the Beanstalk" that was being performed by the youth groups of the Liverpool South-East Circuit of the Methodist Church.

Verity Jones is in front, Nicola Wilson in the middle and Helen Martin at the back. Where are you now, girls?

Stop press: Verity and Nicola have made contact from London and Australia respectively, where both are excelling in their chosen careers!


Where did all the good times go?

Also on the trip of 24th October 1987 were members of St James' Junior Club.

Stephen Lowe, Nicola Stoddart, Daniel Holywell, Hazel Smith, leader Billy Lowe and David Smith are standing on top of Tracy Riley.

You can see the famous Noah's Ark in the background.



This was simply a loop of string placed over the wrist with a sticky-back label folded over to hold it in place. It was impossible to remove without damaging it. Simple, but effective.