(I am not responsible for the contents of these websites)

The Joseph Salmon Trust (no relation) providing financial support for parents who have lost a child in the Huddersfield &
Mirfield area.

The Liverpool Blue Coat School's official website.

The Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues' Association (formerly The Brotherly Society) official website.

Musician Dave Whittle was at school with me, both at Woolton County Primary and the Liverpool Blue Coat School.

NHS Organ Donor Register - sign this so that others may live after you die.

The Sick Children's Trust is a charity providing free accomodation for families of sick children at hospitals across the UK.

Donna's Dream House a charity in Blackpool that offers free holidays to children with serious or terminal illnesses.

Dewsbury Evangelical Church is my regular place of worship.

St James' Methodist/URC Church in Woolton, Liverpool - the Church I attended from 1959 until 1989.

Woolton, Liverpool - a fascinating site operated by Ron Brown, author of several books about Woolton.

Woolton, Liverpool - interesting website by Brian Daugherty.

Woolton Picture House - official website by Chief Projectionist, Dave Parr.

C B Kelton - a famous pianist & singer from Arizona who has recently been in touch with me.

Friends of Chernobyl's children - a charity providing UK-based breaks and medical care for children living in the fallout zone.

Wesley Playhouse - a Christian playgym at Howden Clough, near Birstall, West Yorkshire.

Photo by D J Norton - a fascinating site with old photos taken mainly in Birmingham, but with a few surprises. I've set the link button to take you straight to a page about the LIVERPOOL OVERHEAD RAILWAY.

Uncaged - the charity against animal testing, especially by Proctor & Gamble

Webeden - if I can build a website with their system, anyone can! (And you can have a 14-day FREE trial!)

Vicky Payne - a superbly talented singer/songwriter from Thornhill, Dewsbury. One day this girl will be famous!

Streets of Liverpool - superb photographs!

Liverpool Schools - old photos, see if you can spot your school!

Want to quit smoking? Have a look at this website!

Vaping - all you need to know about vaping and your health.

Alcoholism - help for alcoholics and their families.