CHURCH WEEKEND at Abbott's Hall, Grange-over-Sands, 11th October 1986

Above - a slightly fuzzy photo, taken on a cheap camera from too far back, but revealing Beryl & Ron Swindells, Vera Coates, Mrs Southern, Les Fairhurst, Doug & Hazel Abbott, Les & Sheila Barton, Frank & Clarice Rodgers, Frank Hardman, Andrew Holroyd, Aileen Davies, Edie Scott, Revd Gerald Tedcastle, Wynne & Jack Richards, Doreen Parker, Dorothy Smith, Ray Jennings, Tony Salmon, Clare & Emma Holroyd, Paul Stanley, Mrs Naylor, Margaret Dee, May & Bert Hughes, Ron & Grace Leivesley, Dennis & Molly Dee, Nigel & Pam Draper and Jane Carpenter.

If you can fill in the gaps in this list, please contact me.

Right - at dinner the previous evening Jack Richards wears a pair of "pigtails" and does what he did best - keeping people cheerful. His wife, Wynne, and several others are enjoying the moment.


"JESUS FOLK" - 12th JUNE 1985

At this Circuit production of "Jesus Folk", the actor playing Judas Iscariot (Alan Donnelly) is derided by the crowd, among whom I recognise Kim Donnelly, Jane Parker, Andrea Kidd, Jackie Stocks, Joy McMillan, Barbie Sanderson and Fiona Pearson.