JUNIOR CLUB - 12th JULY 1978

TOP: Maxine Gandy, Julie Taylor, Gaynor Coates, Sandra Wooding, Joy McMillan, Alison Draper, Suzanne Wooding, Jenny Salmon, Brenda Garner
MIDDLE: Joanne Gandy, Beverley Robinson, Julie Rooney, Julie Swash, Julie Spencer, Sharon Merrie
FRONT: Fiona Doig, Emma Evers, Neil Carpenter, Steven Swash, Ali Doig, Barry Carpenter


JUNIOR CLUB - 20th JUNE 1979

TOP ROW: Nicholas Byrne, Peter Sharples, Ian Muat, Darren Frost, Julie Swash, Gillian Paul, Sharon Edwards, Beverley Robinson,
  Zoe Moncrieff, Bethan Davies, Kate Sharples, Fiona Doig
FRONT: Ali Doig, Richard Blackburn, Alan Greenhalgh, Cosette Jones, Heidi Frost, Angela Muat, Rachael Blackburn, Alison Sharples.


JUNIOR CLUB - 10th JULY 1985

This was the occasion of the departure of Rev Brian Stocks after eight years as Minister of St James's Church. You might recognise me presenting him with a gift from the Junior Club.

You might also recognise Kevin Lowe, David Gillin, Kim Mooney,
Nicola Stoddart,
Liz "Bizz" Hayter, Andrew Burrows and Helen Warder among many others.

Following his retirement a few years later, Brian Stocks returned to St James's Church.

This was the annual barbecue on Oglet Shore - a small beach on the banks of the Mersey near the end of the airport runway at Speke.

Those were the days when you could build fires on "Oggy" Shore without being arrested.
Groups of parents were recruited to transport the youngsters down there by car. We gathered driftwood, twigs and branches, made brick "ovens" and cooked sausages, beefburgers and even baked beans over the fire, with a total disregard of kitchen hygiene and fire safety!

Sadly, this sort of expedition would not be allowed nowadays. Insurance wouldn't cover the parental cars. Parents would not be allowed to help us without Criminal Record Bureau checks, and the whole thing would have to be "risk-assessed" beforehand. The chef for the evening was Billy Burrows, whose son, Andrew, is standing at the back (right) waiting for a second helping! Also featured: Tony Mills, Kevin Lowe, Hazel Smith and Susan Budd.


The Methodist Circuit Education & Youth Committees from the Merseyside area clubbed together and hired the Royal Iris for an evening cruise on the Mersey each year. This was for the older members - the "Second-Halfers" - who were aged 13+.

Pictured here are:
STANDING - Les Fairhurst, Billy Lowe, Gary Smith and Edna Lowe
SITTING - Tracy Riley, Nicola Stoddart, Tony Salmon and Kevin Lowe.

Sadly, the Junior Club is no more, the Royal Iris lies rusting and half-sunk in a dock on the River Thames and some of the people pictured on this page have passed away......... I wonder where all the others are now?