He wrote a brief description of each picture in the frame.
LEFT: "The old house at the corner of Woolton St, Woolton was the Post Office about the year 1880 - WFR"
RIGHT: "The cottages in Woolton St, Woolton were demolished after the sketch was made, October 29th 1957 - WFR"

LEFT:  A fragment of paper in which the two pictures were wrapped.
CENTRE: "The Angler" - only 3 x 4 inches in size, and apparently painted in household gloss.
RIGHT:  "And the Sun Creeps In" - only 2 inches high. Signed by WFR and AAC.
If anyone out there knows who "AAC" could be, please CONTACT ME.


This collection of twelve pictures are copies from the Liverpool Records Office, kindly sent to me by DAVE PIMBLETT.

Drawn mainly in the early 1950s these scenes from around Woolton Village are easily recognised even today.

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1. Woolton Street
2. Woolton Street
3. High St (Village Green)
4. Bottom of Quarry St Sth

5. Quarry St, looking from
  the swimming baths
6. Speke Road looking
  towards Woolton St
7. Acrefield Road (Mason
  St is on the left)
8. Speke Road by the
  Coach & Horses

9. Allerton Road viewed
  from the baths
10. Woolton Cross
11. The old Sunnybank
  Hospital building
12. Woolton Street


Thanks are also due to DAVE PIMBLETT who sent me this picture postcard with drawings by Walter Frederick Read.

Apparently, back in 1952, Woolton was the sort of place you sent postcards home from!

WFR Postcard

Walter Frederick Read produced pictures for several famous people including the late Queen Mother and Sir Winston Churchill. One of his pictures is in the Royal Collection, described as a "decorative panel comprising birds and flowers in a decorative border mounted on blue leather".

His nephew Ken Read, who passed away in 2005, was also a talented artist. An exhibition of his work, "KEN READ RETROSPECTIVE", took place at the Rainford Gallery in St Helens, in October 2006.